The dataset has good distribution of locations, most of the photos were captured by DSLR cameras, tags include words from ’instagram’ to ’wedding’ which suggests a range of photos from selfies to high quality portraits (large amount of the photos came with a tag ’2013’ since the dataset is comprised of recently uploaded photos).

Locations Map
Devices used for Photos
Devices Infogram
Flickr Tags
Flickr Tags Infogram


Face Size Distribution
Resolution Graph

More than 50% (514K) of the face photos in MegaFace have intra-ocular distance larger than 40 pixels (which is LFW's distance). Forty pixels intra-ocular distance is equivalent to a 100 pixels face as shown in the plot.

Other Stats

Resolution Graph
Pose Distribution
Pose Distribution

Misidentified Faces

Some of the faces in our dataset were incorrectly identified to be faces.
This makes up about 6.67% of our dataset or about 68470 nonfaces out of 1027060 faces.